97222 - Modern Western Culture (2022/SP:HUMN-302-03)


An integrative survey of the historic foundations of Western culture and its artistic, dramatic, literary and musical representations from c. 1850 to the present.


Course Overview: The attempt to endeavor on a whirlwind tour of “representative” works of modern and contemporary literature, philosophy, and fine art within the historical context(s) that gave rise to them is quite a daunting task. As we study works from 1845-1994, we will only be able to focus on a few select texts within each period that is reflective of the changes in thought and historical circumstances from that period. But we will also focus on the philosophical underpinnings of all texts, noticing how one text is a reaction or extension of a previous text or a dominant philosophical movement.  In doing this, we will create a broad philosophical/literary/ historical timeline that will enable you to see the importance of cultural and historical context as you explore the central questions of each text