104591 - Dissertation II (2023/SP:EDUC-792-01)

This advanced-level course leads students into a qualitative or quantitative framework of research and assists in the completion of the literature review (chapter 2) for students' dissertation topics. Specifically, this dissertation seminar builds upon students’ academic writing and critical thinking skills required for educational research, including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of existing scholarly literature. Throughout the course, students will explore the research and writing process, with an emphasis on selecting a conceptual/theorical framework and conducting a systematic literature review. It is anticipated that this seminar will advance the student’s development as a scholar-practitioner resulting in a dissertation proposal in Summer 2023.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will have drafted, organized, and completed a full Ed.D. dissertation proposal of their introduction (Chapter 1), literature review (Chapter 2), and methods and methodology (Chapter 3). It is anticipated that the student will go before the Graduate Education Committee (GEC) for Admission to Candidacy. The "2nd Annual Ed.D. Student Research Poster Symposium" on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 will serve as a final assessment of student readiness of completing the Ed.D. degree in professional practice. The faculty will decide at the end of the course if oral or written comprehensive examinations are required at Lee University.

Prerequisite: Students must successfully complete and pass EDUC 791 to enroll in this course.

Teacher: Roy Chan